IYMFHR engages, inspires & mobilises the youth communities in Vietnam and abroad to transform human rights conditions in Vietnam.


A powerful platform connecting young people around the world to create effective, real change for the advancement of freedom & democracy in Vietnam through human rights foundation.


Living in the most technologically advanced era of our times, but countless cases of mistreats, injustice and breached freedom of speech still exist. Mistreats, wrongdoings, & freedom of speech are being banned or oppressed. Numerous journalists, human rights activists & musicians are being silenced or imprisoned around the world and in Vietnam.

We identified that silence is what kills so many dreams, so many lives and sets the society backwards. It is the destructive force that steals people chances from a good life. It is an official license for the totalitarians to control fully of how we live instead of how we should live according to the declaration of human rights values for every human being.

Inspired by Martin Luther King’s words:“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” We realised that we could not wait for a miracle to happen or when the time is right and would not lend a hand. We felt the urge to demand, to fight for human rights values as they are the most basic, fundamental rights in order for everyone to live in happiness. And that human rights cannot be considered as a favour or a “social grant” scheme from the totalitarians. That’s what the Communism has done to all countries under its regime.

Since the fall of Saigon in April, 1975, Vietnam has limited progress comparable to the neighboring countries in all areas especially the human rights front. In addition, in terms of strategies and the effectiveness of various activism groups within the country abroad, we see modest progress. Due to our Vietnamese connection, we wanted to tackle the issue with Vietnam first.

Why the youth? We see the youth are not merely passive beneficiaries but effective agents of change who often lead by example and employ innovative solutions to complex problems. Youth possess many qualities for change: creativity, dedication, enthusiasm, compassion, energy, technological savvy, resourceful, capable…We want to bring relevant change to our country thus we endeavor to find a more effective solution to Vietnam’s current progress on human rights area Relentlessly stricken by these motives, a group of young professionals &students in Adelaide, Australia have come together to take actions collectively to raise a common voice.They’re the reasons why the IYMFHR was formed.


  • Integrity
  • Creativity/Innovation
  • Respect
  • Service
  • Love
  • Collaboration


1. We do not accept the domination or ruling of any dictatorship regime and will always fight for the human rights and land sovereignty to its citizens.

2. We will continue to inspire the patriotism, build connections and empower the young Vietnamese around the world.

3. We will also continue to seek every opportunity to raise awareness of human rights in the country, while at the same time aim at overcoming fear imposed by the propaganda, and long-term terrorism of the Communists.

4. We promise to do our best to be true to ourselves to uphold responsibility, honour and integrity to contribute to our community and our world.

5. In the best interest of the IYMFHR, all activities/conducts/public promotions of the Chapter/Affiliation must always serve our mission, vision and shall abide all guidelines/policies/statute by the IYMFHR Central Board.

6. We value the recognition of the rights of all individuals to mutual respect; acceptance of others without biases based on differences of any kind.

7. We commit to individual and collaboration efforts to build respect, dignity, fairness, equality, and self-esteem.

Universal Declaration – Simplified version

United Nations

Universal Declaration of Human Rights – Simplified Version

This simplified version of the 30 Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been created especially for young people.

1. We Are All Born Free & Equal. We are all born free. We all have our own thoughts and ideas. We should all be treated in the same way.

2. Don’t Discriminate. These rights belong to everybody, whatever our differences.

3. The Right to Life. We all have the right to life, and to live in freedom and safety.

4. No Slavery. Nobody has any right to make us a slave. We cannot make anyone our slave.

5. No Torture. Nobody has any right to hurt us or to torture us.

6. You Have Rights No Matter Where You Go. I am a person just like you!

7. We’re All Equal Before the Law. The law is the same for everyone. It must treat us all fairly.

8. Your Human Rights Are Protected by Law. We can all ask for the law to help us when we are not treated fairly.

9. No Unfair Detainment. Nobody has the right to put us in prison without good reason and keep us there, or to send us away from our country.

10. The Right to Trial. If we are put on trial this should be in public. The people who try us should not let anyone tell them what to do.

11. We’re Always Innocent Till Proven Guilty. Nobody should be blamed for doing something until it is proven. When people say we did a bad thing we have the right to show it is not true.

12. The Right to Privacy. Nobody should try to harm our good name. Nobody has the right to come into our home, open our letters, or bother us or our family without a good reason.

13. Freedom to Move. We all have the right to go where we want in our own country and to travel as we wish.

14. The Right to Seek a Safe Place to Live. If we are frightened of being badly treated in our own country, we all have the right to run away to another country to be safe.

15. Right to a Nationality. We all have the right to belong to a country.

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